Leaving the office every Friday to try a new cafe and get some sh*t done

About Us

Aztec Mocha Latte at Brew Brew Pilsen

How We Started

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery, some good coffee, and an opportunity to get in the "flow."

Cafe Fridays started as a personal idea when the company we work at started testing "no meeting Fridays." Rather than staying in the office all day, we used the opportunity to venture out for a couple hours, try a new coffee shop in the city, and get some work done.

Not too long after, we realized this was a great opportunity to share what we were learning along the way. Not just about productivity and how this improved our week, but also about what coffee shops offered the best environment from which to get some sh*t done.

How We Score

Our Cafe Fridays ratings are no joke. We want to make sure that our reviews and our overall ratings are a fair review of not just the coffee, but of how optimal the environment is for work.

The overall rating is a weighted average between the following components: Coffee, Food, WiFi, and Ambiance -- with the latter two categories weighted most heavily as they're most important to a successful work environment.

Meet the Team

Julia Kanter

Cafe Fridays co-founder

I take my coffee with non-dairy milk, no sugar. Ideally in latte form.

Product Manager by day, Photographer in my free time, and dessert and pitbull lover 24/7.

Sahil Khosla

Cafe Fridays co-founder

My go-to drink is what I call Americatto (Americano + Machiatto). When at a nice coffee shop, I order a traditional cappuccino with extra hot milk.

Software Engineer | Professional Learner | Multipotentialite