Leaving the office every Friday to try a new cafe and get some sh*t done

Brew Brew Pilsen: More Aztec Chocolate, please

Brew Brew Pilsen: More Aztec Chocolate, please

Brew Brew Pilsen was a perfect place to huddle and work after the WiFi went out on us at a previously planned Cafe Friday location. The cafe’s not big, but despite the small size it never got crowded or too loud. There were plenty of drink options to keep us satisfied,  including a Aztec Latte made with Mexican Chocolate. YUM!

There were plenty of snacks to keep us fed, including breakfast bagels and lunch sandwiches, each with some veggie options. The WiFi was also the fastest that we had reported to-date for Cafe Friday, earning a “very fast” score from Google’s Speed Test. There was even a printer to boot, for those that still require paper to do their jobs.

There were a few different seating options to choose from, and we didn’t have trouble finding an outlet. The only let-down was the overall decor, which leaves something to be desired. The cafe looks like it’s trying to be upscale and simultaneously cozy, but didn’t have the right decor to naturally match either of those vibes.

Here are the final verdicts:

WIFI: 5 out of 5 bars

COFFEE: 5 out of 5 coffee cups

FOOD: 5 out of 5 sammies

AMBIANCE: 4 out of 5


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