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Revival Food Hall: Party while you work

Revival Food Hall: Party while you work

Revival Food Hall has become a mainstay of the Loop. If you’re craving some of Chicago’s best lunch options all in one place, then Revival is the place to go. Where else can you get a snack from Antique Taco, ramen from Furious Spoon, and dessert from Mindy’s Hot Chocolate all in one place? While the food is hard to beat, if you’re looking to work from Revival we recommend spending no longer than  a quick coffee meeting. The environment isn’t optimal for busting out a laptop and being hard at work. 

Seating at Revival is centered on a beautiful, attention-grabbing communal table. While it’s beautiful to sit at, it’s clear that Revival doesn’t encourage working from there for long periods of time. The only outlets we could find easily were all at smaller 1-2 seater tables by the walls. And the space gets VERY crowded at lunch, which is to be expected.  

While we were pleasantly surprised to see a printer available on-site, this was the only real work-friendly feature we saw. The WiFi showed as “very slow” on Google’s speed test, and the music got progressively louder as they day progressed. By 4 PM Friday, we had to leave because it got prohibitively loud. In short, Revival is great for lunch. But find somewhere to work from.


WiFi: 1 out of 5 bars

COFFEE: 5 out of 5 cups

FOOD: 5 out of 5 cups

AMBIANCE: 2 out of 5



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